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Malack Silas

Malack Silas was Born and raised in Naivasha Kenya in East Africa. He studied art and design both in Primary and High school. His early art Inspiration was drawn from his sibling Brothers and who was once his neighbour, renowned artist Sane Wadu. He got his first water Colour Paints from Sane Wadu when he was 8 years old and he has never stopped painting since.  Although he Took a break and Studied Accounting because It was not possible to make a living from Art, Malack continued living creatively.

In 2005 he continued with his passion doing more painting on landscapes, the cultural livelihood of some Kenyan Indigenous tribes and African wildlife. His brother Albert Lizah was his inspiration. Lizah, who was an established artist with his work all over the globe, Motivated him to Paint more and often. In 2012 Malack decided to learn Graphic design and photography. Since the beginning of the digital era, he wanted to evolve as an artist and learn how to use digital media to be able to reach a large audience with his work. Malack Silas was involved in different projects among them World Eco-Tourism and his main Passion is Environmental and Elephant Conservation
In 2014 He moved to Germany and Took a three years training as an event manager so he could be able to Organise art events. He qualified and he is embarking to do events mainly art events.  Malack like Henri Matisse believes "Creativity takes Courage."

Malack’s work is mainly commissioned work and is in private collections in the UK, USA, Finland, Germany amongst other Nations. His favourite Medium is watercolour although he Works with oil and acrylic paints. 

Malack has exhibited in Kenya and Germany. His recent project was called “In der Reihe Tanzen” which he did with his former schoolmates in Potsdam Germany gave the school a prestigious Title. Malack Silas has been honoured by the former Germany President Mr Gauck, and Staatkanzlei in Brandenburg for his involvement in Volunteer projects in Germany to Bridge the cultural difference and break the stereotype against immigrants in Germany. He has done several art Workshops for children and grown-ups in several Parts in Germany. 

Malack get's his inspiration from his surroundings and imagination. As an artist, he loves to focus on the beautiful side of things no matter how ugly the world sees it. "My work as an artist is to simply find beauty everywhere." He believes Hasel Soan, Roland Lee and Sergei Kurbatov, have greatly inspired Malack over the years. Their technique and fearlessness are just amazing.


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